From the Prez!

December 2014

Greetings All Cruisers!

First off, I want to Thank Everyone who attended the annual Christmas Party last Saturday night. We had 42 members and friends in attendance.

Thanks to your participation, I believe it was a huge success!

Thanks Again!

At the November meeting, it was decided to give the Mechling-Shakely Veterans Center a Christmas Gift of $500.00. Ms. Jacqueline MUTCHLER, a wife of a Navy Veteran, and my wife's aunt, donated $100.00 to be added to our gift, for a total of $600.00 to be presented. We thank her for her generosity.

The print media was notified by both myself and the Veterans Center, as the Center receives positive recognition and reminds people that there are still homeless veterans during the holiday season. And let's face it, it doesn't hurt our community image either!

There is still a continuing need for clothing, (car and motorcycle related items are highly coveted) bedding, towels, pajamas, etc at the Veterans Center. Anyone with such items wishing to donate same can contact any Officer and we will see that they are delivered.

But here's a better idea!!! Anyone who wants to go up to the Veterans Center for the check presentation is most certainly welcome! Come and see where your donations are going and who they are helping. Bring the items you wish to donate with you!

The check shall be presented to Director Sean TALLIDAY on Wednesday, December 17, 2014 at 1:00 PM

We will leave from the McDonald's Restaurant parking lot, in the Franklin Village Mall, East Franklin Township at noon. We will drive up in convoy and present the check as a Club.

I really hope that many of you can attend. My guess is that we will probably stop for (at least) coffee or a snack at nearby Giovanni's Restaurant. You remember Giovanni's, they sponsored our Ice Cream Poker Run this summer! Good ice cream and good eats!

Remember: Wednesday - Noon - McDonalds - Be there !!

See ya then,