From the Prez!

February 2016

Hello, Hello, Hello,(HI!)

I'm thinking Spring, but as I look out my window, I see fat, fluffy snowflakes. Gotta see how much gas is left in the plow. Nuts.

My wife has been on me to at least start the Camaro, but I fear that her drool will stain the seats. Now she's barely talking to me. Nuts.

Oh well.

Just a reminder that Spring is just around the corner, (and I don't care what some fat, dumb groundhog says) and with Spring comes our first regular meeting of 2016. It shall be held on Thursday, April 7, 2016 at the usual location (Golf club) with the usual suspects. 6 to eat - 7 to meet.

Remember that this year we are 20 years old! Please start thinking about something (a logo, a correspondence header, something for our cruise shirts, something/anything) to tell the cruising world that we are 20 years old!

Also, note that on Saturday, March 26, 2016, there will be a "Town Hall" meeting in East Brady. Some of our members attended last year and there was a plethora of information to be had. ("Plethora": How do you like that! I'm getting sophisticated in my old age!)

Of importance to all:

Check out the website. There are pictures of Micheal ANDERSON and his 2nd medal for bowling excellence! Way to go, Mike! Also, there are pictures of the 2015 Christmas Party, and some cruise pix. Good times.

Well enough of this rambling. Time to go plow the snow. Nuts.

Stay safe and warm,