From the Prez!

April 2016


Greetings Cruisers!

First, I want to apologize for the delay in sending out this recap. It was a very busy weekend for Jackie and I, including a death in the family that necessitated a trip to Penn Hills for the funeral. That being said...

The first regular meeting for 2016 of the Keystone Kruisers car club was held on Thursday, April 7, 2016 at the Cabin Green Golf Club. After the usual delicious buffet was consumed, (I know I liked the hot sausage), we got down to business.

For those of you that were unable to attend, here is a recap of the meeting:


  • The president welcomed us back after our long winter hibernation.
  • A receipt was given to Treasurer MONTGOMERY from the Orphans of the Storm acknowledging our $500.00 donation.
  • Thank You cards were read from the Orphans of the Storm and the Salvation Army regarding our Christmas donations.
  • Read correspondence from Arc Manor requesting that they be considered as a recipient for our 2016 Christmas Donation Program.
  • Reminded everyone that our annual cruise will be held on Sunday, July 10, 2016 at the Worthington-West Franklin VFD.
  • Passed around a copy of the Kittanning Paper, dated 12/28/2015, containing a story and photograph about our club and our Christmas Donations.


  • Reviewed April's upcoming cruises and events of interest.
  • Remember to check the website for all information that YOU need to know!


  • The DVDs from last years cruise have all been sent.
  • 93 Sponsor letters have been sent out for this years cruise.


  • We currently have a balance of $2,241.96 in our Club's bank account.


  • Discussed ideas for a logo and/or addition to our cruise t-shirts and stationary proclaiming that we are 20 years old.
  • Member Geri ASHBAUGH made a presentation describing ideas for a T-shirt design for our 20th year, and a sheet cake with our logo in icing!
  • Geri ASHBAUGH suggested permitting Chris BOUCHER, a caricature artist, to attend our cruise and draw caricatures of participants cars. This will be at no cost to the club. She said that he usually requests between $5.00 to $10.00 per drawing.
  • It was learned the DJ ASHER, who had performed the DJ duties at our cruise for a number of years, has accepted a new job that would possibly prohibit him from acting as a DJ at our cruise this year. We need a new DJ. Numerous names were mentioned, including DJ Marty TACK, and DJ Jerry B. Due to the urgency of the situation, executive privilege was requested, and granted, from the members so that the board could find and retain a DJ for our event. With only 3 months until our cruise, many DJ's weekend schedules are either filled, or filling up fast. Rich and Kathy VALASEK and Geri ASHBAUGH volunteered to contact DJs that they knew to see if they would be available.
  • Members authorized the purchase of 2,500 flyers advertising our 2016 cruise.


  • Morgan SMITH is still ailing. He is currently in a nursing care facility.
  • Kathy VALASEK thanked the members for the cards and well wishes sent during her recent illness and recovery.

    NEXT MEETING DATE The next regular meeting shall be held on Thursday, May 5, 2016 at the Cabin Green Golf Club. 6 to eat / 7 to meet!


    I wish to thank Rich and Kathy VALASEK and Geri ASHBAUGH for their collective efforts in finding a DJ for our event. I also want to thank Jorn JENSEN, who graciously volunteered to obtain sound equipment and DJ our cruise, should we, due to the late date, be unable to contract another disc jockey.

    On Sunday, April 10, 2016, the Board voted to hire Jerry BOUCHER to DJ our cruise at a cost not to exceed $150.00 for all 4 hours. DJ Jerry is an experienced disc jockey. He has worked numerous cruises in the Indiana and Marion City areas, and comes highly recommended by some of our members.

    Also attending our cruise, at no charge to the club, will be his son, Chris BOUCHER. Chris is the aforementioned caricature artist who will rove the grounds and draw caricatures of participants cars upon the owners request. He usually charges between $5.00 - $10.00, depending on the complexity of the drawing. We welcome both to our cruise!

    Stay safe,