From the Prez!

May 2015

Greetings All Members:

The May meeting of the Keystone Kruisers was held on May 7, 2015 at Cabin Green Golf Club. For those of you unable to attend, here is a brief overview of the goings-on:

  • Our Keystone Kruisers business cards were re-ordered, and have arrived. If you want any, please see the President. They are great to pass out at cruises!
  • We received 30 of the Keystone Kruisers window decals. These are the same decal that we had obtained a number of years ago. They are available from the President at a cost of $3.00 per decal. Just a reminder that Keystone Kruisers license plates are still available at a minimal cost. If desired, please contact Bill JOHNSON.
  • We received 2,500 KK Cruise flyers. These flyers were donated by D & S Business Services, and we thank them for their generous donation. If you are going to attend a cruise and can pass out flyers, please contact Russ and we will assure you get them in time.
  • We have 25 sponsors so far. The deadline is May 20th. If you know of any person(s) or company who would sponsor our cruise, let me or Russ know. We will process the information by phone, if necessary.
  • We discussed upcoming local cruises, IE: Cadet Cruise, Advanced Auto Cruise, Pittsburgh Mills, Wexford, etc. Complete information on these and other cruises can be found on the Keystone Kruisers website
  • By hand vote, we selected our Tee shirt color for this year's cruise. The members chose a Tie-Dye shirt with black writing, and a gray shirt with white writing as an alternative. After contacting our vendor, it was learned that, due to the manufacturing process, the tie-dye shirts are more expensive than the standard shirts. Regular shirts will cost in the area of $6.50 per shirt. Tie-dye shirts will cost AT LEAST $20.00 per shirt, with larger sizes costing extra. In that some members buy additional shirts for family members and friends, the cost involved could well exceed $100.00 for those members. I thought this was expensive, and as such, I made an executive decision and ordered the gray shirts with white writing. I hope no one is offended by this decision. If so, please contact me. As such, this years tee shirt shall be gray with white writing, If you desire to order a Cruise Tee shirt, contact any board member with the quantity and sizes of each.
  • The cruise "help out duties" sign up list was presented and members chose their favorite way to help out. It will also be available at the next meeting for YOUR name!
  • By hand vote, it was decided to not spend the money and join the Tourist Bureau. After discussion, it was decided that the cost was not worth the return.
  • The President shall send out the school letters during May to advise local schools of the cruise and the "Students Only" area.
  • We have been donated an official NFL football signed by the one and only Franco HARRIS !!! This shall be raffled off at the cruise.
  • We received numerous wooden trophy plaques from Gary CREEL for future use. They are very nice as awards, only needing to be engraved or have a metal plate affixed.
  • We have promises of 11 baskets for the Chinese Auction. We need a bunch more, so please consider making a basket for the auction. Contact any board member.
  • Bob KOVALIK and Rich ANDERSON have agreed to contact businesses for door prizes. If you know of an individual or business that would donate door prizes, please either contact that business and obtain them, or let Bob or Rich know about them.

    It was nice to see so many members at the meeting. For those of you unable to attend, there is always next month! Please "Come On Down! " ( with apologies to Bob Barker and company) and see what's going on. The Cruise is a-coming up quick, and we could sure use your help!

    Please plan to attend and order your shirts and sign up for your favorite duties! If nothing else, come and eat!

    The next meeting will be held on June 4, 2015 at Cabin Green. Six to eat, meeting at seven.

    Hope to see ya there!

    Till then, stay safe and Keep on Cruisin"

    Later Gator,