From the Prez!

May 2016


Greetings Cruisers!

The May, 2016, meeting of the Keystone Kruisers Car Club was held at 7:00PM on Thursday, May 5, 2016, at the Cabin Green Golf Club. For those of you that were unable to attend, here is a brief recap of same:

After a great buffet dinner was served by the girls in the kitchen, we got down to the business portion of the evening.


  • Congratulated first time grandparents Rich and Cathy VALASEK on the birth of a new grandson.
  • Larry and Jackie RUPP'S granddaughter is back from a trip to France.
  • Micheal ANDERSON attended the prom. Man, did he and his young lady look sharp!
  • Correspondence shall be sent to the schools regarding the "Students Only" area of our cruise.


  • Reported on upcoming cruises for the month of May. For all particulars, please refer to our website. Bill does a great job of keeping it up to date.
  • The YMCA Camp Sherwin cruise shall be held on Sunday, August 21, 2016. Club members departure time and location TBA.


  • We have received 2,500 flyers for our July cruise. If you want some to pass out, please see Russ COLLAR. Please help spread the word!!!
  • We currently have 23 paid sponsors for our cruise.


  • We have $3316.96 in our account.


  • As it had been reported at our last regular meeting, DJ ASHER would not be available for our 2016 cruise.
  • As a result of above, the board voted to hire DJ Jerry BOUCHER. He shall perform the disc jockey duties and his son, Chris, a caricature artist, shall be available during the cruise for persons who desire a caricature to be drawn of their car(s). We welcome them!
  • The President presented a logo to be considered for imprinting on this years cruise shirts. It displayed the original logo of the club from 1996, and was followed by a "20 Years" design. The logo was voted on (by hand vote,) and passed.
  • It was also decided by hand vote that the color of this years shirts shall be in the club's original colors: Hunter Green and Tan
  • A sign up sheet was provided for members to order cruise shirts, and shall also be made available at the June meeting. Persons desiring to order shirts by phone or email can contact Rich ANDERSON or me. The price for the shirts are as follows:

    S-XL $6.45
    2XL 9.40
    3X-5X 10.40

  • J n J Graphix was contracted to produce this year's cruise trophies. A variation of the 20 year logo shall be incorporated into the trophies, in a manner to be determined by the manufacturer. By hand vote, it was decided that the trophies shall be limited to the following:

  • 1. President's Choice (for the Student Winner. It was decided that a cruise shirt shall be awarded to the runner-up.)
  • 2. Longest Distance traveled (as determined by Map Quest)
  • 3. Oldest vehicle in attendance

  • Start thinking about Chinese Auction baskets. These are a big hit with our attendees!
  • A sign up sheet was provided so that members can volunteer for their favorite cruise duties. A lot of our members have a specific function that they like to perform, and it helps let the board know where additional help may be needed. It always helps the cruise run smoother. The sign up sheet shall also be made available at June's meeting. Sign up early - sign up often!
  • We are seeking merchants to donate door prizes. If you know of any, please contact Bob KOVALIK, Jim VALASEK or Rich ANDERSON.


  • Members (and friends) can still order sweatshirts from Rich ANDERSON. There are crew necks, pull over hoodies, and zipper hoodies available. Please do so quickly, as the order will be going in soon! Contact Rich regarding styles, sizes, colors and cost..


  • None reported

    The next regularly scheduled meeting shall be held on Thursday, June 2, 2016 at the Cabin Green Golf Club. Six to eat/seven to meet!

    Until then, stay safe, cruise safe, and we'll see ya on the road!