From the President!

June 2018


Greetings All!!!

The June meeting of the Keystone Kruisers Car Club took place on Thursday, June 7th at the Cabin Green Golf Club. There were 32 members in attendance. After a great meal, we got down to business. For those of you that were unable to attend, here is a brief review of the meeting:

President's Report

  • 10 letters were send to local school districts regarding the "Students Only" portion of the cruise and inviting the students to participate and possibly win a prize. It was decided that students may park anywhere within the parking areas and still be eligible to win. This way they can park with family and/or friends. Karen CLAYPOOL graciously made numerous Hi-Viz signs to signify a student entry, making it much easier to identify those participants. Thanks Karen!
  • Read correspondence from (current 2018 sponsor) Ford City State Farm Agent Ryan BOWSER requesting permission to set up a tent or table at the cruise to pass out insurance information to the cruise participants. After a discussion and a hand vote, it was decided to reject his request. If we permitted all sponsors to set up a table, there would be no room for the cars! Mr. BOWSER was advised, via correspondence, as to the decision of the members. He was invited to attend the cruise and hand out business cards or information if he desires to do so. His name shall be listed on the back of the cruise T shirts.
  • Kelli McGAUGHY of M&M LIME graciously provided a Chinese Auction basket containing a certificate for up to 4 tons of limestone, a $70.00 to $90.00 value! We thank her for her generosity!
  • On Friday, June 15th, there will be a cruise in Ford City at the park. See our website for full details.
  • Pencil in the date of July 29th. It is our annual trip north to the Camp Sherwin (Erie) cruise. The time is 11:00 am until 4:00 pm. As you know, we usually stop for breakfast and dinner. After all, what's a cruise without food! Further info to follow.
  • The sign up sheets for cruise duties were again passed around and garnered more signatures. If you haven't yet signed up, don't worry. See me or any board member at the cruise and I'll find something for ya to do! We're always looking for eager helpers!!!

    Vice President's Report:

  • Vice President JOHNSON reported on upcoming cruises in the area. Please refer to our wonderful and current website for the complete details and the most up to date information around! It contains "All the cruise information you need to know!"

    Secretary's Report:

  • Secretary COLLAR reported that we now have 37 sponsors for the cruise.
  • Anyone needing flyers to pass out at cruises, see Russ or Shirley COLLAR.

    Assistant Secretary Report:

  • Assistant Secretary OLINGER reported that we currently have 42 members.

    Treasurer's Report:

  • Treasurer MONTGOMERY reported that we currently have $3,273.17 in the bank, and that the 2018 insurance has been paid in full. The cost of our insurance is $350.00 per year.

    New Business: Roy WILLIAMSON reported that the Kittanning AACA club is have a "midnight cruise" at the Cadet restaurant on Saturday, June 30th. The cruise will be from 8:00 pm until midnight! The Cadet will close at the usual time, but Sheetz is open 24 hours for a coffee before you drive home!

    Old Business:

  • There will be no "Longest Distance Traveled" award this year. The awards to be presented shall consist of:
    1. Oldest Vehicle
    2. Keystone Kruiser's Award
    3. President's Choice, awarded to a "Student Only" participant. It was further decided that "Student Only" participants must have attended or graduated high school in the year 2018 to be eligible for entry into this category.
  • It was discussed and voted on that the President shall decide the recipient of the Keystone Kruiser's Award.

    Sick and Injured:

  • Rich VALASEK reports that Kathy is home from the hospital and recovering. She has a severe infection, and It will be several weeks until she is up and ready to go. When you hit your knees tonight, keep her in mind.

    Next Meeting

  • The next meeting shall be held on July 5th, at Cabin Green. Remember, 6 to eat / 7 to meet!.

    As this is the final meeting before the cruise, please make an extra effort to attend.

    Until then cruise safely and we"ll see ya on the road!

    Take care,