From the Prez!

July 2016


Greetings Cruisers!

The following shall be a recap of the July 7th meeting and the July 10th Cruise.

The monthly meeting of the Keystone Kruisers was held on Thursday, July 7, 2016, at the Cabin Green Golf Club. After a satisfying buffet meal, we got down to business.


Regarding the cruise:

  • Sherry Montgomery and Roy Williamson shall provide standards to rope off the area between the Ambulance garage and the Church area. This assures that participants enter through the designated area and are properly registered.
  • The WWFVFD lot cleanup is scheduled for Saturday, July 9th, starting at 6:00pm
  • The award plaques are in and were presented to the membership for perusal.
  • The T-shirts are in. See Rich Anderson
  • Remember to bring your baskets for the Chinese Auction.
  • Please try to get to the VFD on or about 2:00pm on Sunday to help set up.
  • Russ and Shirley Collar won a prize in the Worthington Parade! Congrats to them!


  • Reported on up coming cruises in our area and elsewhere


  • We have 38 sponsors for the cruise


  • We currently have $3,349.45 in our bank account.
  • Cruise registration packets have been completed.


  • Reminded all members present to think about our annual picnic: Where, when, etc.


  • DJ Boucher has been confirmed for Sunday's cruise
  • Tracy Yockey volunteered, (OK, OK, I volunteered her) to use map-quest to determine the farthest distance traveled and the oldest car attend the cruise.
  • WWFVFD President Terry Smith will have our cruise advertised on FM radio station "Froggy 95."
  • Steel City Detaining and Supplies confirmed as vendors


    Morgan Smith is still ailing, but home.


    The next monthly meeting shall be held on Thursday, August 4, 2016 at the Cabin Green Golf Club. 6 to eat/7 to meet.

    The following is a recap of our cruise.

    The Keystone Kruisers held it's annual $500.00 giveaway cruise on Sunday, July 10, 2016. The weather was great, with a zero percent chance of rain! The club members starting arriving about 1:30pm to assist in setting up for the event.

  • We had a total of 240 cars register at the cruise. Fantastic, and, A NEW CLUB RECORD!!!
  • DJ Boucher spun the tunes and his son, Chris, drew caricatures of participants vehicles, as desired.
  • The President's Choice award went to William Yingling of Renfrew, PA for his original, unrestored, 1979 AMC Pacer. Nice car!
  • There was a 3 way tie for the Oldest Car in attendance award. We had three 1929 Fords show up! The first to register, Donnie Wilson, of Saltsburg, PA, was awarded the trophy. Don Hays, of Butler, PA and Joe Lovich, of Freeport, PA, shall receive duplicate trophies via US Mail.
  • The longest distance traveled to attend was Bruce and Janet Taylor, from Polk City, Florida. They trailered their cruise car, a 2001 Corvette, to PA for the summer while they visited family in the Indiana area. They use the car to attend many local cruises!
  • A total of $555.00 was awarded to 50/50 winner Jerry Grafton, of Ford City, PA. Jerry drove a 1978 Ford LTD II to the cruise.
  • The $500.00 Grand Prize winner was Dennis Gaggini of Butler PA. Denny drove his 2010 Shelby GT 500 to the cruise.

    Congrats to all winners!

  • The WWFVFD made $2,400.00 in profit
  • The Chinese Auction yielded $711.00
  • A Donation Jar contained $63.00

    I would like to take a minute to thank all the members who showed up early and assisted in the preparation for the cruise. Also, thanks to members who helped during the cruise time, and those who stayed late to help clean up. Without your support, we could never make this happen.

    It's members like you who make this club the premier organization that it is

    A humble "Thank You."

    Randy Kruse
    Keystone Kruisers