From the ex officio President!

July 2017



I have been tasked by the President and the Vice President to resume sending my monthly meeting recaps. So... here... we...go..... !!!

On Thursday, July 6, 2017 at 7:00PM, the monthly meeting of the Keystone Kruisers Car Club was held at Cabin Green Golf Club. There were 28 members in attendance. After a delightful buffet style meal, we got down to business.

We currently have 40 members in the club.

Our annual cruise is this Sunday, July 9, 2017, from 4PM until 8PM at the Worthington-West Franklin Fire Department.

If you ordered a cruise T-shirt from Rich and have yet to receive it, see him on Saturday or Sunday.

We currently have 44 sponsors, a NEW RECORD! Thanks to all who sought out sponsors, and don't forget to try to patronize them while shopping!

As usual, we shall meet on Saturday night, 7/8/17 at 6PM to assure that the lot is clear of tire-puncturing debris. Bring magnets and plastic bags.

On Sunday, members should try to be at the cruise by 2PM to help out, if possible.

D.J. ASHER will spin the tunes, there will be a Chinese Auction ( please bring a basket or two), a 50/50 raffle, and the hit and miss engines will also be there. Prizes awarded will include:

  • 1. Oldest car
  • 2. Furthest distance traveled
  • 3. President's choice

    The awards are ready and were presented to the members present.

    It was discussed to leave more space between the cruise cars so that participants can put out their chairs in a less cramped environment. Also discussed was the need for more garbage cans in the cruise area and additional speakers so that the cruisers in the far reaches of the lot can hear us. The area by the ambulance garage will be taped off to assure that all cruisers enter through the main entrance.

    For those of you that signed up for specific duties, we thank you. If you can't remember what you signed up for, the list will be available. See President Anderson.

    This year, it was decided that there shall be NO BURNOUTS and a sign proclaiming same shall be prepared and displayed. The DJ shall also make that announcement during the cruise.

    The Chinese Auction winners will be drawn and 6:30PM and the 50/50 winner will be announced shortly thereafter.

    The winner of the $500.00 shall be announced following the 50/50 drawing.

    Cathy Valasek fell down the stairs in her home and is currently in the hospital. The club sent her a get well card.

    Roy Williamson reported that due to low attendance,the AACA club has canceled their fall picnic. They have requested that we merge our picnics, and they shall monetarily compensate us. An open discussion by the members followed. It was decided that since all local car clubs (including the AACA), members and friends already have an open invitation to attend our picnic, the proposal by the AACA was declined. The AACA has had an open invitation for many years.

    Upon completion of the discussion, a motion was made by Randy Kruse and seconded by Bill Johnson to keep the picnic under the control of the Keystone Kruisers Car Club and to continue to invite all others. All we request is that you bring something to share and a chair! A hand vote was taken and, by unanimous vote, it was decided that the picnic shall remain as last year. We do, however, thank the AACA for their generous offer and hope that they will continue to come and break bread with us. Date and time of the picnic TBA.

    Secretary Montgomery reports that we currently have money in our account, with monies yet to be deposited.

    The next meeting shall be held on August 3, 2017 at Cabin Green. 6 to eat/7 to meet!

    Until then, stay safe and See Ya Sunday!


    Post Cruise Notes:

    Greetings and Salutations! (With thanks to E. B. WHITE)

    On Sunday, July 9, 2017, from 4:00PM until 8:00PM, the Keystone Kruisers held it's annual Cruise at the Worthington- West Franklin Fire Department.

    The day dawned bright and sunny, and only got better from there. There was sunshine, and a comfortable 79 degree temperature with no rain. Perfect cruising weather!

    Upon some members arrival at 12:30PM, there were already some cruisers in attendance. It was learned that they had been there since about 9:30AM that morning. It was suggested (in jest, I hope) that next year we feed them breakfast!

    We saw 307 vehicles registered through the front gate. That's right folks, 307! The 307 does NOT include members cars that were there, so the final tally is in the area of 325 vehicles in attendance. That means that is the biggest cruise we've ever had!!! As previously reported, this year we had the largest number of cruise sponsors in our 21 year history, and now the best attended cruise! This is a GREAT year, and it ain't over yet!

    The President's Choice was awarded by President ANDERSON to Dan Stewart, of Rimersberg, PA for his pristine 1970 Chevrolet Nova. The car was red with a black vinyl top and had a better shine than the sun!

    The Long Distance award was given to Trina Busani, who drove 42.7 miles (according to Map quest) in her 1985 Olds Cutlass to attend.

    The Oldest Car award went to Ronald Smith, of Cowansville, PA for bringing his 1926 Ford Model "T" to the cruise. When asked what color the car was, he replied that it was black, and that back then, you could get them in any color you wanted, as long as you wanted black!

    I made a new friend in 8 year old Marlee Smith, of Worthington, PA, who pulled the winning tickets for the 50/50 drawing and the $500.00 winner of the cruise. Her Grandfather, Mom, and sisters were all in attendance to cheer her on.

    The 50/50 winner was our own member Chris Rousch, who received the tidy sum of $605.00. Chris and her husband Scott brought their 1978 Pontiac Firebird T/A to the cruise.

    The Grand Prize $500.00 winner was Brian Graham of Chicora, PA. Brian brought a 1968 Yellow, Chevy Camaro, received the cash and got his picture taken with the President!

    Congratulations to all winners!!!

    Financially, the Chinese Auction netted a $720.00 profit, and the 50/50 yielded $605.00 (duh)

    These monies will go to the Annual Christmas Giving Program.

    The Fire Department made a profit of $2,800. VFD President Terry Smith expressed his appreciation for our efforts and contribution to the community.

    The Board wishes to thank every member that came to help, whether it was at noon, or to help clean up afterwards. We heard MANY, MANY positive comments. Without the dedication and enthusiasm of members like you, we couldn't put on a cruise like this. Without the dedication and enthusiasm of members like you, we wouldn't have a Club like this, so a very humble THANK YOU!

    It was decided that our next cruise shall be held on July 8, 2018 at the same time(s) and location.

    Don't forget our next regular meeting is on August 3, 2017 at Cabin Greens. 6 to eat/7 to meet.

    See ya then