From the President!

August 2018


Greeting All!

The August meeting of the Keystone Kruisers was held on Thursday, August 2, 2018 at the Cabin Green Golf Resort. After a delicious meal of stuffed peppers, mashed potatoes and corn on the cob (plus dessert) we got down to business. There were 23 members in attendance. For those of you that were unable to attend, the following is a brief recap of the meeting.


  • Spoke to the members on the current health condition of past member Geri ASHBAUGH. Correspondence from her husband, Tom, indicated that she was still in the hospital after suffering a stroke 5 weeks ago. She can now speak, and "Wants to go home." We are keeping her in our prayers and shall continue to monitor her progress.

  • Explained the submission of a bill submitted for $197.88 to the treasurer.

    $100.00 for Lenape Golf voucher replacement

    $22.88 for 2 large rolls of caution tape

    $75.00 for Sheetz gift card.

    (I have already received a check , payment in full)

  • WWFVFD confirmed our reservation for July 7, 2019 for our cruise (Next Year)

  • After a discussion, a motion and a hand vote, it was determined to again contract D.J. Manny to act as the DJ for our 2019 cruise. He is to be contacted by the President.

    UPDATE--- On August 3, 2018, DJ Manny was contacted by the President and confirmed that he would DJ our 2019 cruise, to be held on July 7, 2019, for the cost of $225.00.

  • Received and mailed the child size T-shirt to Wyatt WALKER, the young man that assisted me and drew the winning 50/50 ticket and Grand Prize winning name.

    Vice President-

  • Not present due to his daughter having surgery this date

  • He had sent a report to the President indicating that he had renewed the IP domain contract for $15.17 for one year. An additional deal on web hosting was taken, and the club shall pay $20.00 per year for the next 5 years


  • Reported that during the cruise, an ambulance had to exit the area and was hampered by our two lane entry strategy. Next year, the entry lane shall be restricted to one lane only.

    Assistant Secretary-

  • We currently have 43 members.


  • We currently have $4,008.73 in the bank.

    New Business-

  • Parking attendants and cruise participants commented on the effectiveness of the Hi-Vis vests worn by some members.

  • It was reported that a participant that had attended our cruise in the past had died. 51 year old Michael ZOLOCSIK, of Worthington, PA, passed away on August 1. His pride and joy was a 1969, Blue, Pontiac GTO. A sympathy card shall be sent to the family.

  • It was requested by Tracy YOCKEY that we make Club Membership applications available at the registration table at the 2019 cruise.

  • Presented correspondence from individuals that had attended the 2018 cruise.

  • After discussion, and a hand vote, it was decided, at club expense, to gift the child participant that aids the President by drawing the winning 50/50 winner and the Grand Prize winning tickets, a small, child size, Cruise t-shirt..

  • After discussion and hand vote, it was decided, at club expense, to award a cruise T-shirt to the runner-up in the President's Choice category.

  • It was reported to members that some of the food sold by the VFD was cold or under cooked. The president had already advised Firefighter Randy BOWSER of same the day of the cruise.

  • Due to confusion and a shortage of time, it was decided to extend the length of time available to the Chinese Auction workers by ending the Chinese Auction earlier. Cut off time to be determined at a later date. Signs to be produced and DJ announcements will advise cruise participants of same.

  • The annual club picnic shall be held on Saturday, September 8, 2018, beginning at 3:00 pm. Please bring a chair to sit on and a covered dish to share. Dinner will be consumed in an orderly manner (yea, right, tie on those feedbags!) at 5:00 pm! Plan to stay for outdoor games and friendly, invigorating conversation with old and new friends. Please feel free to invite family and friends. As usual, an open invitation to all members of the Kittanning AACA club shall be extended by the President in the hope that they will attend. The picnic shall be held at the Collar residence in Sherrett. Those needing directions, please contact any board member.

  • The current "Extra Effort Award" recipient (Belinda OLINGER) shall bring the award to the picnic to be given to the 2018 recipient.

    Old Business-

  • Reviewed the cruise statistics and winners. For particulars, please refer to correspondence sent by the President on July 12, 2018 at 1318 hours.

    Sick and Injured-

  • None reported

    Next Meeting-

  • As the next club get-together shall be the Club picnic on September 8, there will be no formal meeting in September. The next official meeting shall be held on Thursday, October 4, 2018, at Cabin Green Golf Resort. 6 to eat / 7 to meet.

    Please remember that in October, we nominate Officers to lead the club forward in the following year. We already have one (as of yet, non-official) nomination for the office of President! That's great, as new blood means new ideas!!! Please try to attend October's meeting and make your voice heard!

    Until then, stay safe and see ya on the road! (Note, it's probably gonna rain because I got 4 new tires on the Chevelle and cleaned it all up!)